Social Value Lab

Social Value Lab is an independent ‘think-and-do’ tank; a national hub for social sector research, evaluation and action. We work across the UK and internationally – conducting research, gathering evidence, influencing policy, creating new social ventures, and supporting others to do the same.

We offer a range of services that are designed to help understand, plan for, and bring about social change.

Social innovation support

We help clients to think outside of the box, test new ideas, establish new social ventures and take them to scale.

Social research services

We conduct participatory research into the big issues facing society and help our clients to make well informed decisions.

Social enterprise strategy

We help to develop enterprising strategies and solutions to community and public sector needs; often redesigning services in ways that are more responsive and more sustainable.

Social sector evaluation

We conduct rigorous, outcome-based evaluation work to help understand the difference that projects and programmes are making.

Social impact assessment

We help values-driven organisations to prove and improve their impact, using cutting edge techniques such as Social Return on Investment (SROI).

We support frontline community groups, voluntary organisations, and social enterprises as well as those agencies that sit behind and support the frontline – national government, local public authorities, and third sector intermediaries, funders, and investors.